Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picking up the kids - a late post!

Travis and I always leave the kids with my parents after Christmas and take some time for ourselves.  It is nice to ring in the new year together, look over the last year, and talk about the future.  Always hard to do those kinds of things when there are 3 little ones running around.  But it was good.  Then we meet my parents somewhere at the top of Florida to make the great exchange... we get the kids and my parents get their sanity back!  This year we met in Tallahassee. 
We encountered some fog on the way there.
 Country Inn and Suites is usually the hotel of our choice.  A door in between us and the kids for a reasonable price with hot breakfast!
The next morning Travis met with a friend and the kids braved the 30 degree weather in sweatshirts to throw around some airplanes they got in a Chick fil a kids meal.  We did not last long out there is was cold!
Why are my hands all red and cold?  Oh right, they are freezing!!!
Back inside for some good exercise!
Ordered in pizza
Chilled with the family.  So nice to have the kids back after being away from them for 2 weeks!
And they enjoyed coming home.
My first meal for the kids was a soup Nana makes with chicken and veggies.  It turned out great and the kids ate it up!
A duck in the front yard and a fire in the back. 

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