Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A redneck Christmas ya'll

We get back to our roots when we go to Louisiana.  Good ole redneck fun.  I know, I know... I was raised in Northern Ohio, what makes me a redneck?  Well my grandpa Hall was a Kentucky coal miner, so I  I have some redneck blood in me.  What makes it a redneck Christmas?  Cutting down trees, huddling around a fire with 18 mph winds and 35 degrees, shooting guns, catching reptiles.  Good times.  If only some country music had been blaring in the background.  I gotta work on my family a bit on that one.

Blake using his first power tool.  This was before the cold front moved in.  It was a warm day.  The cold weather came on Wednesday.
This was the year of Christmas lizards.  Kourtney caught 10 of them.  We had two cages.  The next day it got cold and the lizards were very slow so Blake and McKenna then played with them.  Poor little lizards didn't have a chance. 
Holding little lizards
Burning whatever we could find
Look out woman with an ax!

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Jayme said...

Super fun! Getting caught up on all my blog reading while on break.