Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No jeans?

I found out last week that Kourtney needed jeans to wear in her Christmas play this Thursday night.  I then discovered that Kourtney did not own a pair of jeans that fit her.  I love a good excuse to shop so I went out and got her a pair.  Then I received this letter from the teacher that said: "most everyone has said they have jeans..."  I guess we weren't the only ones. Yes, we live in South Florida and it is December and and my daughter didn't have jeans.  Though we do have a need for them in recent days.

Took a nice cold walk to the bank around the corner.  It was decorated pretty with lights and the kids had a great time.
On this morning it was like 38 I think.  The kids love it when it gets cold.  They make me sad all the time though asking for snow.

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