Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Mobile Uploads

With my iPhone and facebook it is so easy to just snap a picture and either text it or upload it to facebook.  Now that my mom has an iPhone too I am constantly including her in our day with picture texts.  The downside to all of that is I have some really cool pics that are low quality on my phone and never make it to my blog.  Here are some of those pics.  I will do my best not to duplicate things that are already on my blog.

 McKenna my little creative beauty... stuck an orange in a water bottle and called it a spaceship
 Poor little Blake went through a time of severe bloody noses every single day.  Grammy hooked us up with some natural things that really helped and he hasn't had a bloody nose in a while.
 Hamper diving
 At the bus stop
 Sunday night at LPC PK
 Losing teeth
Smile for Grammy!

 Pocket side
 Our little pet black snake... we've seen him about 4 times since we've lived here
 McKenna's playdough creation
Stinkin construction on our road for EVER!
 Little drummer boy
 My little reader
 help mama!  stuck on top of a play house at ICS
 Silly hair at Target
 Fever while shopping :(
 Drawbridge on the way to pick up the girls at ICS
 Future snorkler
 Founders after school
 Smile for Grammy and say good night!
AnnMarie's scooter

 Straight A's
 I voted!
Seeing dad at the office
 BOGO at Payless... sisters finding a shoe deal!
Working out at the hotel
Christmas arrives at the malls!
The hoodie
Cuddled up on a Friday night
 Founders morning walk
 McKenna teaching Blake how to put the silverwear away from the dishwasher... so she can begin helping with the bigger things now.
 Hair cut!
 Woody had surgery... he's okay now!
Our Thanksgiving Pilgrimage through the neighborhood.  Hate that I forgot my good camera for turkey day
Coloring on Thanksgiving night
Woody and Woody

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