Friday, October 22, 2010

Blake's actual birthday

I think birthdays should really have a whole week.  At least they do for the Johnsons.  The problem is that Blake's birthday party is Saturday but his actual birthday is Thursday.  So how do you NOT celebrate on the actual day?  All day long I called him birthday boy.  And he had a birthday breakfast, a birthday lunch, a birthday hot chocolate... get the picture?  So we had a few errands to run in Homestead and on the way up he said I want to go to the play area!  So Southland Mall it was.  I was also looking for a new pair of tennis shoes for Blake, so it worked out perfectly.
Above is a pic of Blake on the last night he was two.  Below is a picture of the $6.42 Buzz shoes I got at Payless! (my blogger is driving me crazy and I can't get them in order)
 Blake got a helmet from Grandpa and Grammy.  He did not want to take it off all day... literally.
 Okay so he did have a hard time jumping around with it on, so it came off for the play area.  After the play area we went to Walmart and found a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt for $5.  I was excited about my deals :).  We also hit BJ's.  It was a long day!
When I made his Andy's bed cake I made one cake too many so I kept it for his actual birthday.  Kourtney decorated it :)  We ate it after dinner.
Yes, he will have two cakes.  We are crazy like that.
One can NEVER have too much birthday cake!  I should know, I am the sweet tooth of the family.
Here is a video of it... hilarious!  I was doing my best not to stop them from going crazy but it got to be too much.  Still, we got out the forks and everyone dug in. 

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