Monday, September 13, 2010

BLOG!!!! Updates

I have GOT to stay motivated to blog!  I want so desperately to look back years from now and see this online scrapbook.  The only problem is that life is happening so quickly I struggle to blog!  I have been spending less and less time on the computer lately which is nice, but my blog has suffered.  I think a reasonable goal is once a week.  I just dump all the pics from that week.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... I want to do more

What's going on with us:

Kourtney: she is loving 1st grade.  She still loves to read and prefers to do that over any other activity.  I love it.  She also LOVES her baby dolls lately.  Her closet is the nursery complete with cradle, stroller, clothes, bottles, diapers, blankets, and of course a gazillion babies.  She is loving gymnastics.  She loves church and when I tell her she has to stay home from the 6pm service she cries.  She is just like I used to be.  I love her so much.  She loves her friends and is one of the most social creatures I know.

McKenna: She is enjoying Kindergarten.  She comes home singing songs every day and pointing out all the sight words she sees... like "a, the, etc..." so cute.  She is timid to read, but she certainly can sound out words and spell small words.  She loves to dance and color and is quite an artist.  Her mind is always being creative and she can find fun things in anything she does.  she likes to sleep in a "beauty mask" and loves to wear frilly, girly things.  She prefers a pretty outfit even if it is a bit uncomfy, to something less attractive.  When I ask her what her favorite color is she tells me, "anything that matches" lol.

Blake: Still all boy.  Still wakes up at 5:30 pretty much every day.  Still loves to climb.  He is a very detailed boy.  He hears and sees everything.  We were in Walmart last week and they announced for someone to go to the back door for receiving and he told me we needed to go to the back door, someone was telling us to.  He knows his letters and numbers.  He has done spectacular with potty training and never has accidents.  He loves sports, running, throwing, outdoors, balls, guns, GI Joe, story time at the library, play dough, coloring, crafts, bubbles, and he LOVE loves his bike.  He is such a joy. He can definitely be high maintenance but he is such a joy and so stinking cute!

Mom and Dad: We are great!  Daddy has lost a lot of weight this year and has been biking, running, swimming, lifting weights, and making mommy super proud.  He looks hotter today than the day I married him!  I just enjoy being a mommy.  I am so blessed and could not be happier with life!  I love Jesus and thank him daily for the blessing in my life!

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