Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 7: My CRAZY day

I have to post this so I will not forget what a crazy day I had, though I don't know how I could actually forget!  This post is more for my therapy and less about who actually makes it to the bottom of the story!

I had big plans for the kids and I for the day and I wanted to cram it all in as I felt summer slipping through my fingers!  So we left the keys and drove north with Travis for the day.  Our first stop was for Blake to get some blood drawn at Quest Labs.  Daddy took him in - thank goodness.  Mommy doesn't do all that well with blood.  They had to take 4 viles!  From what I hear he was very brave!
Then we stopped by the office to print some Chuck E Cheese coupons.
From there we went to the bank, then to Chuck E Cheese where we met up with Danielle and Sarai.  We had a lot of fun.
At the end of Chuck E Cheese I asked McKenna how she would like to spend her birthday money.  She decided on Build a Bear.  So off we headed to the Falls.  When we got to the parking lot I began looking for my debit card.  I could not find it anywhere.  I called the bank, it was not being used anywhere.  I think I left it in the atm when I made a deposit, but there was no way for them to tell.  They told me I could go to a branch and be issued a temporary card. I tried to put it out of my mind and have fun buidling McKenna's new bear.

When we left the Falls I drove across the street to Bank of America.  It was 3:00. No one had taken a nap.  Blake had given blood and played at Chuck E Cheese.  I got my battle plan together and begged my 2 older soldiers to please cooperate with my plan.  Then I prayed as I walked in.  The lady who greeted me said (first thing), wow, you are a brave woman!  I didn't even look frazzled yet!  My response to her: trust me, I wouldn't be walking in here with three kids at nap time if it weren't an emergency.  I explained my situation.  She was so sweet.  She found a place for us to sit and told me she would get the first person available to help me.  I needed to cancel my card but could not be without cash all day since I wouldn't be going home until late that night.  She said no problem, they could cancel my card, order a new one, and give me a temporary one.  Great.  Just hold down the troops a bit longer and we are all good I thought.  I asked for lolly pops.  That worked for about 5 minutes.  After about 10 minutes of shushing, bargaining, and mostly making Blake happy, we were called into a cubicle.  I answered questions while trying to keep the 2 younger kids from playing in the blinds, going on the other side of the cubicle to look through the window, and playing with the phone.  Oh my.  Then the lady announced, my system froze.  I won't be able to issue you a temporary card for 24 hours, but we can take cash out for you now.  Ok, let's do that.  Back to a teller with my caravan.  Got cash.  Let's get out of here.

On our way out of the bank the security officer asked that we leave out a different door we came through.  Not sure why.  That took me all the way around the building instead of straight out the door to my car.  Whatever.  On the way around the entire building, Kourtney tripped, fell face first, and shattered the face of my iPhone.  Poor girl.  She felt so bad.  I re-assured her it was just a phone... then I started making calls.  Our plans had been to go to Southland to see a movie with my friend Tammy.  So on the phone I started heading there.  Called AT&T, they wanted to sell me a new phone.  Apple was going to charge $200 for the face (so I read online).  Then Travis said he thought there was a place in the mall that fixed them.  

Waited for Tammy to get there, woke up the sleeping kids, headed into the mall.  Very crowded mall.  $5 movie night.  Tammy stood in line and I took Blake with me to find the place that fixes iPhone glass.  It was true.  Only $50!  I was a little apprehensive to leave my phone there and go into a movie, but I thought, there are cameras all around a mall, if someone tries to keep my phone, they will be caught (so I hoped).

Made it into Despicable Me.  That was a whole other ordeal, and this post is already a novel.  Blake didn't want to stay the whole time (bless his heart) so we headed out to check on my phone (I was a little antsy about it anyways).  Picked up the phone, looked good as new, headed to the play area.  Then I tried to call my mom on the phone and couldn't hear her.  So I walked it back over to the guy.  Oh, this is common, we can fix it.  An hour later, with my kids not having had dinner at this point, they were back and forth between 2 kiosks and couldn't fix it.  They tell me, there is this special tool that our manager has and he is on a cruise until Saturday so you will have to come back.  But we promise your phone is not broken (I can still hear on speaker phone).  

Whatever, I took their card and prayed they were telling me the truth.  Picked up Travis, went to Anne's gave the kids a bath and dinner, and headed to the keys.  Sitting at a red light in Key Largo and someone rear ends us.  Nope, not kidding.  There is a small mark, but not enough to care about on a paid off car. 

I made it safe and sound to the house and got everyone tucked in.  And THAT was one of the craziest days of my life.  :)


Paige said...

Eh, sounds like a typical run of the mill day to me! alive Kelly, that was pure craziness!! So glad that by the end of the day everybody is safe and sound. Whew... I hope your phone gets fixed. :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the story was, "I made it safe and sound to the house..." Whew! Thank the Lord!Glad that day is just a memory now :) -Mom