Saturday, April 10, 2010

Matt and Danielle's wedding in Jamiaca

One of our best friends in the world got married in Jamaica last week.  It was such a beautiful wedding. Despite Travis and I being sick the whole time and on antibiotics we had a blast.  Beautiful hotel we stayed in, great weather, perfect little get away. My parents came in town and watched the kids for us.  Thank you SOOO much mom and dad!  We love you!  Here are some pics...

Our hotel

Travis jumping from the cliffs at our hotel
Beautiful sunset from our balcony

Matt getting ready
Matt and Thaila watching Danielle to walk down the isle
it was so funny to watch Matt taking pictures of everyone all night long... maybe he didn't trust the photographer, I dunno!
View from our balcony.  It rained the last night we were there but it was still beautiful.  We had our balcony door open and it sounded so pretty.

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