Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Updates on kids

It has been so long since I have had an internet connection 24-7.  So I need to catch up on my cute kiddos.

Kourtney: Is obsessed with reading and spelling.  She reads everything, everywhere, anytime, all the time.  Books, labels, signs, my iPhone texts... look out world!  She is an awesome reader for just being 6 and a half.  She begs to read, takes books to brush her teeth, reads while she is eating breakfast, getting her hair burshed, riding in the car.  She loves to play hard.  Running, dancing, jumping, playing outside, making obstacle courses at the park, she can hit a ball with the bat pretty good. She likes to jump on her daddy.  She is maturing socially and loves to attend her friends' birthday parties, talk about girlfriends from school.  She loves to take her Bible to church and always remembers to ask for offering.  Teeth are a big thing right now.  She has lost her front bottom two and her top two are loose.  Her friends have teeth falling out of their heads left and right.  She remembers everything.  She will remind me of things I need to do and is a clock watcher - a quality that I hope doesn't drive her nuts in life.  She is always asking if we are going to be late and how much time we have before we need to go.  She is very helpful with her brother and sister and has become a very good help around the house.  She loads and unloads the dishes and clears the table (with help of sis).

Cute things recently said by Kourtney:
We were watching the olympics. Kourtney: what country is she from?  Me: Germany.  You know, your great, great grandmother was German. Kourtney: but I don't speak German. Me: That's because you are American and you have to learn a language. Kourtney: What language do they speak in Chicago? Me: Engligh. Kourtney: (knowing Travis and I once lived in Chicago) well I've got some Chicago in me too.

McKenna: Is learning to read and is very proud of that.  She is left handed and certainly has a creative side.  She loves to color, draw, paint, dance.  Sometimes I think she stuffs soft pink socks in her ears because she really doesn't hear me when I call her 17 times.  Oh, and she loves pink soft things on her nose and lips.  She talks with a small lisp that is so cute I can't stand it.  She tells me she likes to make the kids in her K4 class laugh at her.  She does goofy things to get a laugh from people.  She loves playing with Blake and giving him kisses and hugs.  They also like to wrestle around and play punch each other.  She looks adorable in footie pj's and braided pig tails.  She loves to cuddle and watch tv.  She always comes up and hugs me and tells me how much she loves me.  She loves shoes and dressing up and being girly.  She loves to dip things and loves sour cream on anything (just like her mama).  She is tender hearted and so sharing with those around her.  She is a peacemaker and will give up something she wants to make someone else happy.

Cute things recently said by McKenna: 
I love my footie pj's!
Mommy let's go lay down in my bed and cuddle

Blake, Blake, Blake:
Blake is rough and tumble and oh so adorable.  He makes me laugh every day.  He is both innocent and obedient, yet ornery as they come.  He will ask permission before doing small things, but loves to get a rise out of his sisters by doing just about anything that can annoy them.  He loves the park, playing ball, being outside.  If he sees a sport on tv or being played or the ball for the sport he can identify what it is.  When he sees Sebastian he says GO CANES!  He loves elmo, Mickey House, and "tools."  He talks up a storm and can pretty much say just about whatever he wants to.  He has recently started eating better and I do not worry anymore about him being too skinny.  He loves going with me to take the girls to school and always wants to give them a kiss and a hug before he leaves... though he would rather stay and play with them.  He loves to play on the computer and iPhone.  He knows how to navigate the iPhone better than most adults.  I can hand him my phone and tell him to call Grammy and he knows how.  He is a cuddler and loves his family very much.

Cute things Blake says:
My tooth is loose
I missed you!
(when about to do something bad) Mommy, don't look at me.
I telled on you!
I want a-uh juice
Mommy I do this (to which he repeats something funny he did that made him laugh at himself)
Mommy he do this (to which he imitates something someone says or does)
Mommy I play on your phone?


thecitizencane said...

Kelly, I love this blog entry, because I love your kids so much. This post makes me just want to stop time because they are growing so fast. You and Trav and the kids make me so proud to be your family.

Anonymous said...

Stories like this make their Grammy tear up. They're so beautiful, and I've been missing them a lot this week. It was great talking to them on the phone today (except for my little McKenna, of course). Can't wait to hook up with them on Skype when you get a chance. I loved the picture on FB of McKenna in her PJ's sitting on her bed. So adorable. ~Grammy