Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday CHICK-Kabob

Wow, it has probably been a year since I did a Sunday wrap up!  But here goes...
Things are happening over in Kids Life.  Get ready for some big changes in "The Construction Zone" (ages 6-12).  We are SUPER excited about some really big changes over there - I can't quite share that info yet, but be on the look out for the announcement!!!
I was in the 2 yr old class in the 9AM service.  We learned about David and Goliath.  I promise I was not putting name tags over kids' mouths... this was Blake's idea.
McKenna popped in for a visit before heading over to "The Jungle"
  I got a picture in the lobby with 2 of my favorite girls.  Emily and Valarie.
The last time we posed like this for a picture Blake was in my belly (link)

Our Plantation Key service was great. 

There was the sports bike section of the parking lot.

Frazier caught some great pics Sunday night. 

 I didn't even see him catch this one, but I love it!

I hosted the service. 
We had a "Shindig" (dinner after church).  Good food.  Good times.  When I left there was a fire going in the back and marshmallows were flowing.  Great Sunday.  I love Life Pointe Church!


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Good Stuff. Ever since the long-running and award-winning 'Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad' went off-the-air due to a contract dispute with one of its stars and a nasty lawsuit to boot I've been looking and praying for a hopeful return of the 'CHICK-Kabob'. Please bring this back every week !