Saturday, March 06, 2010

Everglades 2010

This was my favorite shot of the day.  We went out to the Everglades to Anhinga Trail with the Molinas, the Ovandos, Papa, and Uncle Phil.  Some of the guys left us mid-trail to take thier own little canoe adventure that kept them out until past dark... and scared some of the wives who thought they may have been eaten by gators.  A great time was had by ALL!!!  This was Blake's first time to the Everglades.
This bird was taking flight after fighting with a fish on the ground.., he later played with the same fish in the water.
Growing up together... such sweet girls

Sadly, Travis was having all the kids yell at the wildlife... I tried to pretend I didn't know them, but it was too late.

McKenna, Noah, Rafael, Julie, Kourtney, Sara, Sarai, and Blake crying in the corner of the picture.  Poor kid was starving!

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