Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LPC Baptism in the Florida keys

Baptisms always make me cry.  I love them.  There is a simple beauty in someone going public with their faith and dying to their old man.  Some awesome people were baptized on Saturday and we had a great time at the picnic!
Blake learned how to pedal on his hot wheels for the first time!  Very exciting stuff!!!
Of course we all enjoyed the UM/OSU cakes
Getting the hang on this peddling thing!
Down by the bank...

My awesome hubby
Jenny letting everyone know just how cold the water was!
But she stayed to help baptize Miguel
Then she was out of there!  LOL
I love, love, love it when couples go together!
And then Marie decided to get baptized.  I love this picture of JT watching on as his dad helps baptize his mom... though I think he was a bit concerned about what exactly it was they were doing!

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