Monday, February 01, 2010

All my old haunts

So this is the morning I left Toledo, but before I boarded the plane I just had to go see all my old stompin grounds. I lived my whole life in one place so I spent all of my childhood in these places...
My school... Of all the place in the world this is the building I probably spent most of my life. This was my daycare, elementary, high school, summer camp, had my wedding reception here, homecoming, parties, youth group, children's church... you get the point. This is just one wing on the building. It doesn't belong to my old church anymore though, they sold it about 6 years ago I think.
This is the school yard :)
This is the other part of the building. This is where my parents got married, where I was dedicated as a baby, it is also part of the school, my mom worked here, my dad was principal here for many years.
This is the last house I lived in in Sylvania before I went off to college
This is the house we lived in before that house
This is my old church (which has also been sold). It is where I was baptized, graduated from high school, taught my first Sunday school class, roamed the halls from the time I was 5 years old, played hide-n-seek, got married in, acted in plays, and most importantly - learned about Jesus in
This is my Grandpa Hall's old house.
Then I stopped by one of my best friend's house. Stephanie McGee... er, McCormick. I still haven't gotten used to that. :) Our little boys played together for a bit and then she took me to the airport. She was my maid of honor... love ya girl! Thanks for the lift!
Whoa - life sized Elmo!
Blake's 2nd time flying. His first flight was to Seattle when he was about 6 months old. He did great. I actually had a blast just me and him.

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The Blackmons said...

Awe, I loved looking at your old stomping ground pics. It's nice to go back home and bring back bunches of memories. And I love that Blake finally got to see snow!!