Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!

A new year. As I was getting ready to post pictures and blog entries from Christmas this year I started thinking back to what we did last year for New Year's Eve. For the life of me I could not remember. I knew the kids were with my parents, but that was all I could remember. So what did I do? I pulled up my blog to reference last year. Then I realized, I better start adding more stories to my blog or I am going to forget everything! Lately I have just been putting a lot of pics up to have my memories saved online, but I need to add more stories and updates. The kids are growing so fast and doing and saying the cutest things. So here goes...

We had Christmas with the Johnson clan on Tuesday. Lots of fun (I need to get those pictures off of facebook because I forgot my camera). It is always fun watching kids open gifts. The kids all got a pillow with their name embroidered on it. I love stuff with their names on it... especially since we have Kourtney and McKenna... not to easy to find those in stores. The girls got dolls, movies, and tons of other stuff I can't think of. Blake got a really cool dump truck so big that he actually fit in it and had rides back and forth on the floor courtesy of daddy and Uncle Phil. I got a Vera Bradley purse, jewelry, and new luggage! PTL!
I got a diamond ring to mark 10 married Christmases spent with my love! I picked it out and it is exactly what I have been thinking about for a few years. Simple and beautiful. On Christmas Eve we went to Rudy and Susan's house for lots of yummy food. Then we had our Christmas Eve service in Plantation Key. After the service we loaded up the kids and drove all night to Robert, LA to spend Christmas with my parents. It went pretty smooth, though when it was my turn to sleep (and Travis' turn to drive) I could not really sleep. I only got about 2 hours on the 14.5 hour drive. The kids did great. We arrived safely on Christmas morning around 9:15 AM Central time. We had been there not three minutes and Blake came to Travis pulling on his finger and said, "Lightnin Keen, Lightnin Keen!" He took him to my dad's dark office behind the desk... he had discovered his Christmas present and within seconds was riding it. So much for the big surprise at the end of present opening! Brittany was there (with my nephew Chase in her belly) and we all thought of and missed Kevin who is at Parris Island becoming a Marine. We ate breakfast when we got there and then decided we better hurry and do presents before Travis and I passed out under the tree.This is my dad's rocking chair that he has had forever. I was rocked in it and so were all of my babies. I love it!We always start with the Christmas story. This year Grandpa asked Kourtney if she would like to help read it since she is such a skilled reader these days. What a great time we had listening to our oldest daughter read that on Christmas morning. We had tons of fun as always. Great minds think alike... I got my mom the cutest Snowman blanket from Cracker Barrel that said "love never melts." And Brittany got her the cutest Snowman blanket from Cracker Barrel that said "love never melts." The funniest thing about that is 2 Christmases ago we both got each other the Lost game (which was horrible, btw). Guess we need to call each other next year.
I had to put my mom's "picture wall" in here! Travis' gift... the Kindle I think Aunt Brittany and Grammy heard that Blake was wearing his sisters tu-tu's so they decided to get him some man clothes! The girls got DSI's from Grandpa and GrammyI "built this bear" for Brittany. We named the dog Recruit Webb. I also had Kevin mail a letter to put in the dog's hands so Brittany would have a message from Kevin on Christmas Day. We always end the Christmas present event with "wrapping paper angels," a tradition introduced to me my first year of being married to Travis. In his earlier years he would dive into the pile, now he leaves it to the kids... fun times!After presents Travis crashed for about 4 hours. I tried to hang, but I also crashed for about 2 hours (I think). Later in the day we had a full spread meal prepared all by my wonderful mother who is a great cook. It was a wonderful Christmas and I am so thankful for my awesome family and great husband who drove all night with us to get me home! More pics to come later from our trip!

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