Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LPC Little People Christmas

This was the weekend of Christmas shows for sure! Friday night we went to see the Key Largo Christmas Pageant. We took all three kids and they did so great! I guess having iPhones for Blake to play with does help. It reminded me so much of all the years my dad director the huge plays we had like that at our church in Ohio. And all the practices, lines, costumes, stuffing the "singing Christmas tree," more practicing... what great memories I will always cherish. My favorite we ever did was "The Gospel According to Scrooge." My dad was Scrooge and I was the Angel of Christmas Past. Anyways, LPC's Christmas show was not quite so elaborate, but who doesn't love seeing kids on stage singing?The 3-4 year olds sang "Jingle Bells" and "Come on Ring Those Bells."We had a simple idea for the older kids. We put together some Christmas story readings and songs. Then on the large screen we showed slides of the Fisher Price "Little People" and their nativity set. It turned out to be a nice show.Kourtney is quite the little performer. She had speaking parts in all three services (the Plantation Key performance was totally different from Homestead's) and had a solo in Homestead. She gets it honest! She has actors and singers in her family. She did great and has such a good voice.And for the 3rd and final performance of the day in Plantation Key...Let's not forget Blake. He wasn't on stage at all, but he made quite a spectacle with his SO CUTE outfit. He loved his outfit too. I tried to get him to take his vest and tie off for his nap and he wouldn't let me. He wanted to sleep in it. What a stud. Here he is with Sarai... we have an arranged marriage for them ;)

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