Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Festival at Founder's Park

So I am not sure what I imagined in my mind when I heard they were shipping in a couple tons of snow at Founder's Park. It sure wasn't what I saw last week. I pictured the kids making snow balls, snow angels, and frolicking in it... instead it was a large icy mound with pre-teen punks pounding little innocent children and frightening them away, LOL! Kourtney made it out there twice and each time made a snow ball. I think it had been so hyped in her mind she was determined to play a little. It was okay though, I have put in a prayer request for some snow while I am in Louisiana. At least a flurry... right God?
This was the Island Christian float during the parade
"Christmas in the keys" :)
This was the snowman made by Kourtney and McKenna's classes for a contest. Their pictures were around the bottom of it. They won, btw. It was such a cute idea. Three different sized beach balls with tissue paper glued to it.

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