Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time for a post

I can't believe I haven't posted all week. It has been a crazy week. We are tiling the house this weekend so we have been gearing up for that by packing things away this week. Also, just being on facebook helps me keep up with my friends so well and pictures are so much easier to put up that the blog has sort of taken a back seat. But I love keeping it up because it is like my online scrapbook! I have a few posts to get up so here is my first! This is from last Sunday... One of the most challenging things on Sunday is keeping up with everyone's stuff! at the end of service Here is a pic from the PK campus at the end of the night!
Nice cool morning. Homestead campus.
Blake having fun
Ritz hosting
Chris hosting... had he been on FACEBOOK he could have seen these on Monday when I posted them. I even thought about holding them hostage on Facebook, but I'm not mean.
Blake in boots


majorhitwaves said...

Facebook has a definite shelf life, and it's definitely nearing its expiration date. The fine art of blogging has existed since long before MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter - and it will still be around after each of their respective demises.

Oh by the way - nice pictures of everyone - including me ! THANKS for posting them on your award-winning blog !

Johnson said...

You are SO wrong Chris, but that is okay. You can still be our friend even if you aren't on the best social network out there. Guess you just aren't that social. I've connected with friends I haven't talked to in 15 years. And unlike myspace, it is not ghetto and you don't have to go to someone's page to see what they are up to. Myspace was hard to navigate and not user friendly. The news feed on facebook is instantaneous. Which is how a few weeks ago I was able to mobilize a good portion of people from LPC to wear football jerseys the next day to church. Seen the pics? That was all thanks to facebook.

Blogging is not instantaneous and not everyone is on it. I really only use a blog now for my online scrapbook. All of my important updates are really done through facebook... but I was not wanting to start another argument or defend facebook. No need to defend it when everyone is on it but YOU! You would love being tagged in countless LPC photos, but alas, you will not be until you sign up! ;)