Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paging Dr. Kourtney

Yesterday I had decided McKenna's constant coughing was enough to make me take her to the doctor. I still have not looked for a new pediatrician here in the keys because I love Kingsbay so much I think it is worth the drive. Dr. Dones has been our doctor since Kourtney was born and she is the best pediatrician EVER. We didn't get to see her yesterday because she wasn't on the sick side, but we will see her for our follow up next week. A visit up there means an hour, 15 minute car ride one way. It is near the Falls. Worth every minute. I love them. They said she had a mild case of asthma. Prescribed some breathing treatments for a week and a follow up next week. My mom is also looking into natural things we can do for her. The picture above is her getting a treatment in the office. Don't you just want to hug her?
Kourtney has been very concerned about the whole thing. Such a sweet, caring big sister. She keeps asking questions. Then yesterday when we did the breathing treatment Kourtney pretended to be her doctor and wanted to get her things and make sure she was comfortable. I love my kids so much. Praying for a healing for McKenna!

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