Friday, October 16, 2009

A (n almost) perfect Friday night

Travis is the chaplain for Coral Shores High football team. He loves it. I love it for him. So most Friday nights he can be found under Friday night lights. That leaves me with the kids and I have rediscovered the joys of realizing everyone can relax on Saturday morning. Kourtney reminds me all night that she gets to sleep in on Saturdays.

So I decided I wanted to make tonight fun. I told the girls it was girls night. That we were going to put Blake to bed and stay up late together. We went to K-Mart (I keep K-Mart in Key Largo in business) and shopped for some things to do. We got chocolate, fake little girl nails, and a craft project. I ordered a pizza while standing in line at K-Mart and we picked it up on the way home. I let the kids each get a big bottle of Sprite (they thought that was so cool)
We did a candy hunt (like an easter egg hunt)

It was so cute when it was time to put Blake to bed. The girls acted like it was some big secret like we were tricking Blake into thinking they were going to sleep too. So they crawled in bed and waved goodnight to Blake. Then we moved on to girlie things. We put fake nails on. Kourtney took hers off before bed tonight, but McKenna kept them on. I hope she doesn't wake up in the night to tell me to take them off.
We painted hangy window things.
The only thing that would have been more perfect about tonight would have been if Travis were home. But I will settle for a perfectly relaxing night with my kiddos. They are growing way too fast and I want time to freeze. Since it won't I will try to capture every moment I can.


Paige said...

Sounds like a very fun night!!! You are right - they are growing so fast! I remember when we visited you in FL....Kourtney was just about 6 months old!

Anonymous said...

I think I see why little Blake wakes up at 5 AM. It's because you girls put him to bed so early in the evening while the party continues through the night !

Anonymous said...

you are such a great Mom. Your children will cherish these memories, as will you. Nana