Friday, October 23, 2009

Blake's actual 2nd birthday (party and cake pics to come later)

Blake turned 2 on October 21st. His party is on October 31st along with 2 other boys that are turning 2! It is going to be fun. But we couldn't resist making a birthday dinner and letting him open the presents we had for him. We had a great night. He is so precious and so 100% boy it has been a wonderful 2 years with him in our lives!
Making cards
Since the moment he came out of my belly we have talked about how big his feet are!
1st remote control car
playdoughfun outdoors
New ride - a Diego hotwheels that talks to him!

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Paige said...

Blake is such a cutie...I can't believe he's 2 years old!! Happy Birthday Blake!