Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More missing teeth, WWF, cute things Johnson kids say

Another one bites the dust... this time we won't lose the tooth and vacuum it up (at least that is what we think happened to the first tooth). When she got her dollar from the tooth fairy (she will tell you is me - I like getting credit for passing out money) she asked why it was only a dollar - her friends at school are getting more. I told her I used to get a dime and if she wanted to give the dollar back I would love to get a coffee with it.Blake putting some wrestling moves on his sister... she loves it and even encourages it!
Blake is talking up a storm these days. He pretty much can carry on a conversation. Some cute things I love that he says:

Every time we pull into a parking lot or at the house, "We here mom?"
When he is waiting for me to finish and get him something, "You done mom?"
When he wants the DVD player on in the car, "I want DV"
He calls his sisters "Gung gung" (Kourtney) and "Tenna" (McKenna)
When Handy Manny comes on tv, "tools momma, tools!"
More please, "More peesh"
Whenever he does something that he thinks hurts me or makes me upset, "sorry mom"
When he toots, "I toot!"
He has a Lightning McQueen bed, blanket, and some cars. He's never seen the movie (I may have to get that for his birthday) but he knows who it is. He says, "Hight'n Keen"
when someone does something bad or that he thinks is bad, "Gung gung/Tenna do dat."

These are just a few things I can think of. He is jabbering up a storm and we love it!
A lot of times at night when we crawl in bed for story time the girls choose having me tell them a story as opposed to reading one. They always want to hear stories about when they were little girls or when Travis and I were little. It is so cute. Sometimes I will say, ok how old do you want to be in the story about you tonight? So night we talked about a few things. How McKenna had such short hair for so long (see 2 yr old picture above) and how long it is now.
And how Kourtney used to wake up in her bed and her hair be so crazy because it was so curly.
And how curly Kourtney's hair was
And how Kourtney was such a chunky baby!
And how McKenna used to only crawl and scoot around and didn't want to walk until she was 14 months old!


travis johnson said...

You made my day, babe. This is beauitiful/fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Our grandkids are PERFECT!!