Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just another day in paradise

We went to Rudy and Susan's today to jet ski and hang out. Maybe one of the best Saturdays I've had down here so far! Nice little private beach for the kiddos, shade, jet skis, pizza, great friends. I am really tired tonight so that is good. Since we moved down in February the most I've been in the water is wading out in Founder's Park even though we are surrounded by jet skis and boats! So today was fun. Everyone (including each of our children) had a turn on the jet ski and I even took one out for a spin by myself. At the bottom is a video of Kourtney jumping into the water. I did push her in the first time. I felt kind of bad but I could tell how much she wanted to go in but just wouldn't. After I pushed her she went again and again and again. I also threw Blake in to Travis and then jumped in with him.
Perfect place to play in the sand with the Lucas kids
I first got on with Blake and Travis. Blake was not too happy at first but he warmed up
Travis took the Kourtney and Natalie out for a spin and got a bit too spinny... they all fell in! Kourtney said it was the best part of the day! Natalie told Travis she thought she was going to die! So cute. They were like the cool kids who fell off the jet ski. Here it is...
Blake sacked out... he's a keys boy napping in a hammock
We had a couple visitors today... very large iguanas down here
Noodle fight
Soakin in the view
iphone time
Beautiful girl. Beautiful day.

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