Friday, September 04, 2009

Bus stop and airwalks

Yes, my 5 yr old and 4 yr old ride the bus to school. I would have never agreed to this for such young kids, but...

1. There is only one main road in the keys and it runs north and south.
2. The bus can always be found on this road!
3. The teachers explained how safe it was.
4. Many parents I talked to agreed.
5. The bus driver is a mom of a little boy in McKenna's class.
6. It is a Christian school.

The girls love it. In fact, when I go to pick them up from school instead of having them take the bus sometimes they say, "we wanted to ride the bus!" I can't believe how old there are getting. The picture above is a little blurry because it was morning and my camera kept fogging up. Don't worry - I do walk them across the street. I just needed to get this shot!
They both have new airwalks and think they are so cool. Kourtney didn't care that hers didn't really match her uniforms because her friend in class has the exact same pair... and so it has started.
To cool for school!

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