Saturday, August 15, 2009

School Hair Cuts

Kourtney has been begging for a while to get her hair cut short "like Meredith's" (her friend who moved last December). So I decided to let her do it for school so it would be easier on mom! I was a little nervous (and she was completely thrilled). It looks so adorable though. She wanted to go even shorter, but I think this is the perfect length. I am so happy we did it!
McKenna was just as excited to get the royal treatment at the salon too. She is such a princess. Leading up to the event she giggled and shifted her feet and laughed. So sweet. I just wanted a very small trim not at all because I wanted to cut her beautiful hair but just so she could have the experience.
They were cutting both girls at the same time which stressed me out a bit because I wanted to be at both chairs telling them what to do! Oh well, it turned out fine.Blake was such a trooper. We waited at least 40 minutes before even going back tot he chairs. He went through 3 lollipops but he was great.
The results!

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Anonymous said...

You both look awasome!!!!!!!

Great hair day.

Love you lots,