Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fish House in Key Largo for my 31st birthday

Tomorrow is my actual birthday but we celebrated today because Sundays are so crazy for us! We ate dinner at the Fish House with all the Johnsons. At the end they brought me out a stinky fish with a candle in it and sang to me. One of the funniest parts is that McKenna was sitting right next to me and she did NOT think it was nice to set a stinky fish in front of her mom. She said I do NOT like that cake. She looked like she had hurt feelings on my account. It was adorable and hilarious. You have to check out her expression in every picture.
Shrimp for McKenna and Blake
Spaghetti for Kourtney. Travis and I had lobster... yummy!


Anonymous said...

In one of the pictures, it looks like McKenna has her head bent down so she can hold her nose on account of the stinky fish. Bless her little heart for feeling bad about her mom's "cake."

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Kourtney is still wearing those "stylin" glasses from the Mall of Louisiana. She's something else! -Grammy/Mom