Thursday, August 06, 2009

Enjoying the last days of summer

In just a few short days my two girls head off to school - Kindergarten and K4. I can't believe how time is flying. They will be attending Island Christian School. That is because we live on an ISLAND! Their classrooms are right next door to each other. I am excited and so are they. I think Blake will miss having them to rumble around with during the day. I will miss them too. So we have been trying to make the most of every day until then. We go to the pool or beach about twice a week. They would go to the pool every day if I took them. They love the water. I can't ever get pictures at the water because having all three in the water at the same time is a feat in itself. You will just have to imagine how cute they are. I know our lives are about to change in a major way with them in school but it will be good. I am sad and happy all at once! So here are a few pictures of things we have been doing...
A little play dough action
A fashion show with a make-shift runway
A McDonalds picnic in the living room.
Cutest boy in the world

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