Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday at Founders Park

I love this beach 2 miles from our house. Saturday Travis was very excited about his idea to teach the girls to snorkel. I've never snorkeled but he grew up doing it. So we got snorkels for them and headed to the beach. They did so great I was in shock. Even McKenna was out there for almost 2 hours snorkeling with her mask and mouth piece. It was amazing to watch. My kids make me so proud. I love them!!!It looks like Blake is making friends, right? Actually what happened here is that Blake went to get water in his bucket. I guess the other little boy thought Blake was invading his beach space. So the little boy threw sand at Blake. What did Blake do? He hit him with his bucket. Boys. Blake does always love to hang out with boys. It is really cute.

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