Wednesday, July 22, 2009

McKenna's 4 year check up

She gained 9 pounds and grew 4 inches in one year! She is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. We grow them big in the Johnson house.

Stats: July 2009
Weight: 42 pounds
Height: 41.5 inches
Blood Pressure: good (I didn't see it)
Vision: 20/30 which they say is excellent at 4

She was very cooperative during her appointment and giggled at the nurse and Dr. Dones. She had to get 4 shots - ouch. They hurt more later when they felt bruised and I was applying a hot wash cloth.

After the appointment we had the best girl's day ever. We headed over to Build a Bear at the Falls where McKenna spent a gift card she had gotten for her birthday. We also visited the Disney Store and Bath and Body Works. From there we headed up to Sunshine Uniforms up on Sunset to get school clothes and ate at a nice little Cuban restaurant. that was next door We all had steak. Mmmm... Then it was down to Target in Cutler Ridge for a few things. I wore them out but we had a blast. I thought, this is probably one of many shopping days to come with my girls! Oh - Blake was with Emily. I knew he would not have as much fun as we did :).


Mel P (BIO03) said...

She's growing really well! Trav's genes? :)

Erin said...

Caden just wants you to know that Tenna is in the bathtub. That's what he said. And he said he misses all his girlfriends and Blake.

Ed, Amber, Aubrianna, Annaliese & Lillianna said...

They have to get shots at 4? I thought I would get out of it this year with Aubrianna!!