Saturday, July 11, 2009

McKenna Grace turns 4

What a gorgeous day. It couldn't have been more perfect and several times today I thought, this is one of the best parties I've ever thrown! Usually I am running around like crazy, planning way too long and then not even really enjoying the party because I am working so hard. But today I grabbed some food, showed up at my free shelter at Founder's Park (because I am a resident), and relaxed. I got to eat, talk, and watch the kids play. It was great. The kids swam, played in the sand, and made good use out of the playground. The weather was perfect.

McKenna took a while to warm up to the sand and water. It took her about 1.5 hours to really go near the sand and about 2 hours before she would go near the water. She loves pool water, but like her mama, she can do without the beach! LOL

The cake was made yesterday. The day before yesterday I drove 15 hours with all three kids. Then when we got home our house was still being painted inside on so we weren't able to go home yet. So I made the cake at Anne's house (thank you Anne for letting me use your kitchen!). It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but it was pretty close. By the end of the 7 hours I worked non-stop on it I just wanted to be done.

Thank you everyone who came to the party. We had a great time hanging out with our "family."
made it to the sand
I called from the edge... hey Travis, the birthday girl says she is ready to get in the water...
There was some question about whether she was really gonna do it. She didn't really want to walk in the scary water.
So daddy gave her a monkey rideAnd then she thought about itdecided it was okay...then made a run for the kids...can't blame a princess for not wanting to get dirty in the ocean! But she had fun with her friends.Blake LOVED the water
Cake time!
Opening presents...
She loves being a fairy, but got frustrated at the wings!

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