Monday, July 27, 2009

First Johnson loose tooth

and it didn't last for long. On Sunday while eating lunch at Nana's house Kourtney discovered that her tooth was loose. She has been waiting for this to happen and talking about it for AT LEAST a year. So she was thrilled. She wanted to immediately start calling her relatives and school friends. By Sunday night she wanted it out. I thought it could wiggle around for at least a week. However Kourtney and her adventurous dad thought they should attach a string to it at 9:30pm on Sunday night and yank it out. An hour later, some blood and tears and she was proudly holding her tooth. I know she was motivated by dollar signs. She also offered to mail the tooth to her Grammy so she could put it under the pillow there and see if any money appeared. However, ask her who the tooth fairy is and she will tell you it is ME. I want the credit for giving the mula. The next morning Travis let Kourtney know that we beat the tooth fairy up while she was in her bedroom and got her tooth back. I think Kourtney believes us.


Anonymous said...

Losing a tooth is a milestone for a child (for some reason). I can't believe Kourtney has already lost one - SHE'S GROWING UP TOO FAST!!!! Grammy/Mom

Crystal and David said...

So cute!!!