Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Disney last week

Jessica (Poage) Thorne, one of my best friends from my childhood, let me know last week that she had free tickets for Disney if we wanted to go! How could we turn that down? So we packed up and headed to Orlando for a night. Unfortunately Jessica had car trouble on the way in and they had to take care of things on Friday while we were at Magic Kingdom without them :(. We decided to just stay until about 7 so we could drive back home that night. We had a blast. We saw the the fairies (Tinerbell & co.), Minnie and Mickey, and some great rides. We couldn't do much more than that because of the heat and being outnumbered by kids. It was so hot and Blake was just not happy in line unless he was running way ahead of us. We love Disney though and what a great opportunity to take our whole family for free!
Meeting TinkerbellKourtney thinks it is great when people ask if the girls are twins (typically when they are sitting down and dressed alike). They do look alike here!
Enjoying our beautiful kids and so in love!
nice face Kourt
McKenna pretending to be Minnie. See how her mouth is slightly open just like Minnie's always is? LOL!
Blake hooked Daddy up with some stickers while they waited for us in the shade

Kourtney drew pictures of Mickey and Minnie to give to them. It was the highlight of the day. Mickey and Minnie loved the pictures and everyone in the room oohed and ahhed. We also got autographs in Kourtney's diary which was a first for us.
In Minnie's house
The first two rides we took Blake on was Pirates and the Haunted Mansion. BIG mistake. He was terrified all day after that whenever it looked like we were approaching a ride. Thing is he did both rides just fine a few months ago!
In the Hall of Presidents literally IN the hall because Blake couldn't sit still. I was disappointed because it was recently remodeled and included a new President.
We had fun though!


V-n-J said...

how fun! i cant wait to take our kids to Disney.

Naomi said...

Claire just saw the pic of the girls and Tinkerbell. Totally jealous.

When/if we ever get ourselves to Disney, I'm calling you for all the "insider" tips.