Saturday, July 25, 2009

Days 1 and 2: Paris

The thought of trying to upload the literally 1,000 pictures we have from Europe always seems so overwhelming I just don't even try. But I figured I it is just one picture at a time. I won't upload all of them on here, but some. We took the most pictures in Paris for the ratio of time we spent there. Here they are! I didn't upload very many, but the ones that stood out for now. Eventually I will find a place online to host all of the pictures.
This is Travis the night before we drove to Louisiana letting Alex shave his head after church. He wanted something simple for Europe. I must say I love my man with a shaved head now. So sexy.First stop was Notre Dame Cathedral where I attended my first mass
Then on to the Louvre. That place was massive. We walked forever and only saw a fraction of it.
It was cool to see the Mona Lisa. I had to go read up on why she was so famous and I found out that she's just famous for being famous. No reason.
Napoleon's apartments
We walked and walked in Paris.That tall thing they built for the World's Fair
The hotel we stayed in one night in Paris
What they called a blow drier. It looked like I should have been vacuuming with it.Luxemburg Castle
Travis peeing in the bushes by LuxemburgOn the 2nd night we were in Paris we had an early flight the next morning and didn't want to pay for a hotel room. So we decided to hang out as long as possible in a restaurant and then wait on the street for our bus. We took a picture of this book (that was given to us) in the restaurant where we ate until about 1am and then headed out to sleep in the street. Ok we didn't really sleep in a street but we more like laid down in the bottom 0f a driveway by a mall until our bus came at 5am. That was exciting (and FREEZING). I didn't expect it to be so cold in Paris. And it stayed light until like 10pm. It was so weird. Then it was off to Italy.

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