Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random thoughts from the day

Last night went something like this...

2:20 am McKenna - my bug bite itches. It needs cream
3:49 am Kourtney - I have a soar throat. I need medicine.
4:20 am McKenna - my bug bite itches. I need cream.
5:00 am Blake - I uh gung (I want a drink)
5:25 am McKenna - my bug bite needs a bandaid
6:30 am McKenna - good morning mama!

I felt like I had a new born last night

Kourtney sayings...
Kourtney was cleaning up her room today. She collapses on her bed and says, "I hate to burst your bubble mom, but I'm too exhausted to clean up this mess."
Later I found (for the first time) all of her toys under her bed as her method of cleaning.

Organic bug spray?

Got organic bug repellent yesterday. I was very excited about it... until I put it on and it smelled like vomit. No wonder the bugs don't bite when you wear it. Oh well, I tried. We have to wear something down here in South Florida or they will carry us away!

Kevin and Brittany's Christmas gifts!
At Christmas Kevin and Brittany gave the kids a gift card to Target. Well after we got back from Christmas the Chinese drywall stuff sort of consumed us and I forgot about the gift card until I found it the other day! So the kids got to have a Christmas shopping spree courtesy of Uncle Kevin and Aunt Brittany. They were all very excited. Here is what they got:


Anonymous said...

You are such a great mom!!!!!

Have a wonderful trip......



Anonymous said...

After reading your blog about your eventful night with the kids, I decided to research some naturopathic herbs to help them sleep while they're at our house. Yay! I found some and anxiously await their arrival. Now if I could just figure out how I can get ME to sleep at night we'll be good to go. Grammy-Mom