Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My blogging drought

The kids love to JUMP jump JUMP! Anywhere, but especially on my bed.So I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to. There are several times in the day when I think, "I need to blog that!" but never actually get to it. It is much different have 3 energetic mobile children that it was just having 2. Add on top of that commuting to Homestead about 3 times a week and blogging has dwindled. I am sure it will pick up again when Kourtney and McKenna both head to Island Christian School in the fall and it is just me and the Blakester. That will be fun. For now I consider it a successful day if everyone has eaten & bathed, if I can actually walk through the house without stepping on a toy, and if the laundry basket is only half full.

This morning I took all 3 kids to Southland Mall by myself. Play area, carousel, food court, riding the quarter cars without actually putting in the quarters, throwing pennies in the fountain. Made up for my bad day yesterday. I love my kids! We did have to make two trips to the potty AFTER the food was ordered and we were all sitting down at a table. That required me to ask a very nice man sitting next to us if he minded watching our food while I lugged 3 kids in and out of the bathroom. The 2nd time I just packed up what food we had left and said, we can eat this in the car. Thank God it was just pizza. I did find out that on Tuesdays at Regal Cinemas kids can go free to the movies. I just might try to take all of them there some time!

So next week Travis and I head out to Europe. We are celebrating 10 years of marraige this summer! I am so excited. Neither of us have ever been. We are "backpacking." Staying in hostels, traveling all over Italy. I can't wait. We fly into Paris and out of Madrid, Spain. In all we have 5 countries on our list to see. Last night we were packing our backpacks and seeing how heavy they were. Just fyi, all of my pictures will be me in one of the THREE outfits I am taking! LOL! We are gonna act like honeymooners in love. I cannot wait.

We are leaving the kids with my parents and my mom has a whole summer camp activity calendar planned for them while they are there. All around everyone is very excited. I think my brother and Brittany may even get to pop over and see the kids while they are in Louisiana.

So that is what is going on with us right now. At this moment all three of my kids are sleeping at the same time which is rare so I am going to take a break and maybe eat lunch!


travis johnson said...

It ain't an act, baby. You're more beautiful than ever...can't stop thinking about you. ;)

Kori said...

Kelly, I'm no expert, but I'd love to share any info I can about traveling in France, in particular. I lived in Aix-en-Provence for a year in college, and got all over the place by train. Have some Paris favorites, some south of France favorites, and even some Barcelona favorites. I know that no matter what you see, you are going to have a wonderful time! Drop me a line via email or Facebook if you want to chat. :)

Naomi said...

Have fun, Kelly! My advice... wear comfortable shoes! Now you know I'm getting old. :-)