Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kelly's cakes... LOL!

In an effort to improve my baking skills I will look for any reason to make a cake! Our good friends' daughter, Autumn, had a birthday this week and happened to be coming over. So I made this cake. It was my first 3 layer cake. McKenna's Cinderella cake is going to be 3 layers too so this was good practice.
I wasn't a huge fan of the color, but I did learn some things. Maybe one day I will take a cake making class! Of course Blake climbed up on a chair and touched the cake (you can see the mistakes on the plain cake). He is trying to get a job in my bakery.


Tammy said...

Wonder if I get one when I jump to a new set of numbers - 40.

Amy Elizabeth Robinson said...

Very cute! I want you to come make my kids cakes.