Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is Kourtney the morning of her graduation. She is such a beautiful girl. I am glad we made the decision to keep bringing her up to Christian Preparatory Academy even when we moved to the keys. They were great in letting us just bring her in 3 times a week. She loved school and her teacher. She is a reading machine now and LOVES to learn. She is mischievous and has been known to argue with her sister on occasion. She loves to eat (sweets mostly) and loves to bake. She loves to sing and dance and color. She has recently started taking orders for food on her notepad and playing waitress. She loves the outdoors, loves to run, has a good swing with the bat, and a good arm with a football. She loves Jesus and loves going to church. Recently I have become concerned though as one main focus of Sundays is if she is going to have quarters for the "egg toys." Oh the joys of church in a movie theater.
This is Blake. Blake decided to climb out of his pack-n-play last week. We decided to try the toddler bed that Mark and Mary passed on to us from Luke. Blake got up 5 times that night. Blake is back in the pack-n-play. We took the pacifier away from Blake a few weeks ago. I was very nervous about how that would go. Blake LOVED his paci. Screamed for it, slept with it, had it with him constantly. The day we took it he became a new little boy. His demeanor changed, he was calmer, nicer, not so fussy all the time. Even the nursery worker when we picked him up the first Sunday said, "what happened to Blake? He is like a new boy!" She couldn't believe it when we told her we just took the nuk. Blake loves to CLIMB, CLIMB, CLIMB! Now he is into climbing on the toilet and then on the bathroom sink to get into the medicine cabinets. SHEEZ! He does love to torture his sisters, I am sad to say. He doesn't take discipline well. Time out usually means me holding his kicking and screaming legs down and firmly telling him he is in time out. BOYS. But he is a lover. Loves for me to sing to him, loves for me to rock him, loves to give his sisters hugs. He's a keeper.
My McKenna Banana. This picture captures her spirit. Her all time favorite thing to do right now is to dress up. She is someone different every day. I let her wear her costumes wherever she wants. She has gone out as Snow White, Tinkerbell, and most recently she donned the outfit above (a creation of her own) to Walmart. EVERYONE smiled at her. She was the hit of Walmart. She can spell her name, loves to color (but not quite as much as Kourtney), and is very motherly to Blake. She LOVES LOVES LOVES make-up. Will skip a snack so as not to mess up her lip gloss. She is a girly girl through and through. She likes to dance, likes princess anything, and has requested a Cinderella party for her July 11th 4 year old birthday.

As for Travis and me, we are planning a trip to Europe for our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I've never been over there. My parents will be keeping the kid and we will be off on our own!

I love my kids. I am blessed beyond words. These days are flying by so quickly that I want to capture every moment. I am not blogging as much. I'd rather be lying in bed cuddled up with my kids, telling stories about "when they were little." Perfect way to end the day around here.

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Thanks for sharing your 3 precious gifts with Grandpa and Grammy. I'm pretty much beside myself with anticipation. Hope they like all the things we have planned: T-Ball, Golf, Croquet, Bowling, Horseshoes, Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss - all kid-friendly, plus crafts, baking, walking in the mud with their boots (if it rains), swimming in their little pool, Slip N' Slide, feeding the horses, and of course CHURCH. Grammy-Mom