Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday CHICK-Kabob

I love this kid... Gio is so funny
Still don't have the pics off of Anne's camera yet, but here are some from the church's flickr account from Sunday. We had a great day.

- Jesus was a great man. I feel thankful for what he did for me despite myself.
- K squared hosting together for the first time (that would be the Kellys)
- Hosting went off much better in the 2nd service than the first. We later found out that Jesse couldn't hear us from where he was and had to improvise on the improvising. Whoa.
- Had some new decor up in the Kids Life area. The "Construction Zone" (grades K5-5th) was up and running! I think it looked pretty cool.
- I looked down the Kids Life hall at one point and there were plastic eggs littering the dotted rugs. Next thing I know the hall is swarming with kids "hunting" the eggs.
- The renovations at the Plantation Key campus were amazing. The church looked awesome.
- We had a great time after church eating and hanging out.
- I love Life Pointe. No place I'd rather be on Sundays!

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