Thursday, April 30, 2009

Minnie and Mickey's Houses

Unfortunately I didn't get pics of the outside of the houses. They are adorable. I have always wondered if Mickey and Minnie are married or boyfriend and girlfriend? Any Disney experts out there? Here is a link of last time we met Mickey.
Tea time with Minnie.
Having icecream on Minnie's couch
On the porch
In Minnie's kitchen
In Mickey's house
Waiting in line to see Mickey. Blake had fallen asleep so he didn't get to meet Mickey. Dad sat out on the bench with him (rumor has it dad fell asleep too).


Phillip Johnson said...

I think Mickey and Minnie are boyfriend and girlfriend, but I don't know for sure; I'm definitely no expert.

When Marcela and I went to Epcot almost 2 years ago, I fell asleep in the Lion King cafe (I forgot the name of the place). I had been up all night with a little over one hour of sleep and we almost decided to stay at the room all day instead of going to the park due to the lack of sleep. Despite sleeping on a bench in the restaurant at Epcot for over an hour, we still had such a good time. Marcela just sat there with my big old dumb head in her lap and she rubbed my hair while I slept. I'll never forget that trip to Orlando. I want to go the Animal Kingdom and go back to Epcot fully awake. :)

Ed, Amber, Aubrianna, Annaliese & Lillianna said...

So cute, I can't wait!!