Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It has been forever since I updated how we are all doing...

Kourtney: Kourtney is a sweet, loving girl who is full of energy and bologna. Her blonde curls kink up in the south florida humidity and she is growing taller by the minute. She loves her yellow blankie and will not sleep without it. She is doing well with school and LOVES to read! She loves to write words, sound things out, Loves her sweets, her siblings, and being a princess. She recently has started taking baths by herself, washing her own hair and body, getting out, dressing herself, brushing her hair... quite the grown up little lady. She has a definite opinion now about what she wears and mostly how her hair is. She loves to sing and hum. She is a good mothert to her younger siblings and is a big helper. She loves playing games and is very competitive. She loves surprises.

McKenna: She is a hilarious little girl who is very inventive. Her hair is growing quite long and she is more beautiful every day. She is my drama queen and can cry or laugh in a blink of an eye. She loves her pink blankie and treats it like a friend... calling pink blankie "her" and not going anywhere without "her." She watches out for Blake and constantly comes up to tell me "I love you mom." She loves giving hugs and kisses. She is always telling me I'm beautiful and sweet. She says the funniest things...

Walking through Walmart she wanted to get a pack of marshmellows. I agreed (we have a fire pit and mama loves them roasted!). She wanted to hold them while walking in the store. Maybe to make sure I didn't put them back? About 10 minutes after walking around with them she said,

McKenna: Mommy, do we get to take these home?
Me: Yes
McKenna: You're a genius mommy!

Out of the blue Jesus came up in coversation.
McKenna: ...and Jesus has a stomach right? And a nose? And you have to get in a helicopter to see him right?
Me: No
McKenna: An airplane?

"That was a different toot than I have ever done."

"I throw up burped."

Blake: What can I say? Life is an adventure with a boy! He loves cars, loves to climb in them, honk the horn, and change all the settings. His latest infatuation is car keys. He LOVES to have a set of real keys. If he sees someone with them, he will start yelling at them, "ksheesh." He is very smart and can follow several commands... he loves to throw things in the garbage (when asked to), get his diapers, take things to his sisters. He climbs, climbs, climbs. He won't sleep without his pooh blankie and we take a travel size piece of his fleece blanket that I cut off everywhere he goes. He loves to be outside. he loves to ride bikes, throw rocks, kick balls, hit sticks, and bark at the dogs. He also loves to play the drums at the PK campus.

He says several words: mama, dada, ball, papa, nana, shkeesh (keys), gunt (drink), ba (pacifier), uh-oh, no, uh-huh, and we are working on Kourtney, McKenna, Grammy, and Grandpa!


Travis: slice to the knee cap while pounding a car with a sledge hammer. He was taken care of by nurse Kelly (me) and is recovering fine. We discovered they sell skin glue at Walmart just like was used on Blake's face. That was cool.

Kelly: stitches in the head when she slipped on a sidewalk and split my head open on a meter. This week as we discovered the stitches were not dissolving (AT ALL) so Travis performed minor surgery and removed the stitches with a small pair of scissors. He was a great doctor. Now I am stitch free and my head feels pretty good.

Kourtney: burned her hand while trying to be a big girl and get soup out of the microwave while mom wasn't getting. It was pretty bad. It blistered, then popped, then even bled. I've been trying to keep neosporin on the opened blister. She was so tough and is doing much better. I do think it may scar.

Stomach bug: 4 out of five of us were effected by this. YUCK! I do hope this is gone for good. Kourtney was the one that was spared.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog! I didn't realize how much I loved reading them until you took a few days off. Always love to hear the updates on all your family members. Our grandchildren are the absolute greatest!!! -Grammy/Mom

Amy Elizabeth Robinson said...

I loved the updates!