Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday CHICK-Kabob - on Thursday!

We officially have a new area in the Kids Life wing! The way it was set up before the 2-4 year olds shared a theater with 2 yr olds meeting at the bottom of the room and the 3-4 yr olds meeting at the top of the room. Our 3-4 year old class has grown so much that we had to get creative and re-work the area! We moved the 2 yr olds to their own theater. Then we added a "Play Zone" to that room and divided the time up. Each service has two groups of kids. While one group is learning the lesson the other group is in the play zone and then they switch.
The new 2 yr old room
Blake LOVES anything to do with cars
Smile!Awe... how cute. Daddy and Blake.
The girls wanted to wear their Cambodian princess outfits to church. They were so cute.Kourtney saw us hugging and asked if she could take a picture of us like that. So cute.
Nana noticed that Blake always wanted to ride his sisters' pink bikes. She decided he needed a manly radio flier tricycle to get around in. He LOVED it.
Nursery in the Keys!

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