Thursday, March 05, 2009

Monkeying around

No seriously, he has been super busy. You can check out what he has been doing HERE on his blog. The coolest part for me is getting to "ichat" with him every day. We can see each other and talk to each other in real time. In fact, right now we are both online and just talking and working away together. I love it.


Anonymous said...

There's no delay at all (like maybe a few seconds or so) when the two of you iChat ?

I have no earthly idea how that technology works.

Have you seen my 'Retro' cell phone ?

Johnson said...

As far as I can tell there is no big delay. Maybe like a second, but it is pretty amazing how the technology works.

I have not seen your retro cell phone. Or was that the huge cell phone you had on your blog once?

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy thst you have been able to stay in touch with him all this time. What a blessing.:)


Anonymous said...

My cell phone is small, but I pretty much only use it as a text messaging device. I'm not much of a telephone-talking person, and cell phones have generally irritated me since their invention.