Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting to see friends

While on campus I got to see some old friends...I was in DZT with Rachel Hicks and Merica Stum. They are super sweet (even though they were REALLY mean during my induction) and they have really cute kids. Merica posted a really cool blog entry about the project we are doing called Anthems For a Broken World. It was nice seeing college friends.
This group is all from Chicago. Karrie, Jesse, Me, Travis, (back row) Alex, and Osmel. Fun times. Karrie brought some old pictures and we both agree that we have improved in our looks with age. We are actually pretty hot now ;).


Naomi said...

Awww, great pic of you and the girls!

Rachel said...

Ok ok I'm sorry. Is it bad if I say I don't even remember inducting you? Then again I don't remember much of anything anymore. You too are sweet and it was funny being at a function at Alumni Park with my kids and former students calling me Mrs. Hicks. It was good to see you, you looked great.

Anonymous said...

Osmel as in Cuba/Homestead/Chicago Osmel?! Wow! Is he in Cleveland now? I miss him....what a story he has to tell.

The Fab 4 said...

Although I look like I could quite possibly live in a dump by my appearance in our photo together, it was SO great to see you!

BTW, I wasn't mean at all. Anyone who looks at you without an enormous smile during induction seems mean. Delusion has that neat effect.