Friday, January 23, 2009

A perfect family fun day

What a great day we had today. We picked Kourtney up from school and headed up to see Bolt in 3D at the Dolphin Mall. We had the whole theater to ourselves. Unfortunately, as the movie started I went out to change Blake's diaper and realized I had remembered to bring everything BUT diapers. So I trucked out to the car (it is a LONG walk from the theater) with Blake in tow praying the whole way that there was a spare diaper in the car. On the way I kept my eyes out for any parents who may have a diaper my size (I was not afraid to ask) but didn't see any. No diapers in the car either. So I headed out of the mall (while the girls were still in the theater with Travis) and found a Toys R Us with diapers. I made it back to the movie but there was only about 15 minutes of it left :(. Oh well, the girls had a blast with daddy. And Blake and I had fun in there for the little time we spent in there.
Then we headed to the play area - one of our FAVORITE places in Miami :). We ran into Gustavo and Heather Pena who were in town bringing someone to the airport.
After we got home from the mall we decided to have a fire and enjoy the end of this cool streak we've had. We roasted marshmellows and of course jumped on the trampoline. Papa, Nana, Caden, and Erin joined us. Blake was in bed. He was completely exhausted from the long day. Of course by the end of the fire we were just looking for things to throw in. Unlike Travis' twitter, we were not burning small furniture. We WERE burning boxes. I love fires.

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Anonymous said...

Fortunately, the diaper situation was only one small part of the entire day. That also happened to me when we were here at Chick Filet with the grandkids, but Walmart was right behind the restuarant and even though it was New Year's Eve and busy, it wasn't bad at all. When we have a fire here, I tell your Dad is therapy for me. I think it's because of our infamous family camping trips and the fires we had - making S'mores, sandwiches and pies over the open flame. GOOD TIMES! It does look like you had the PERFECT DAY! -Grammy/Mom