Thursday, January 15, 2009

Computer Crash

This computer crash is a bit different than my other ones... it literally crashed. Right onto the floor. I picked up my computer bag and thought it was zipped when it wasn't. CRASH! The screen shattered (internally).
The good thing: I can still get all of my files and pictures off of it because Zech hooked it up to another computer. So it isn't like I am losing birth pictures like before. However, for now all of my emails (or email addresses) in Outlook are not accessible to me.
What is it with me and computers? sigh...


Paige said... win the award for computer mishaps! Glad you didn't lose pics this time...that would be sad! :(

Anonymous said...

Butterfingers !!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly you are just too busy with the kids, work and life in general.
Glad to hear that nothing of importance was lost.:)


Anonymous said...

Amen to Ela's comment! I totally agree! Of course, I still think you're "Wonder Woman" with all that you're involved in. Just being around your children convinces me tht you're doing a whole lot of things right. I'm proud of you even if you are considered to be a "Butterfingers." -Mom

Luciana - "Luci" said...

oh boy... can't believe it... but you know you can always get help accross the street... I am glad you didn't lose your precious pics.... love... Luci