Thursday, January 22, 2009


I LIVE for weather like this. I always get excited when Chris sends out cold weather alerts. It excites me to the core. Last night I actually turned the heat on in my house for the first time in years. Literally.

I was putting the girls to bed and realized there was no way I could let them sleep in the cold. When I turned the heat on Kourtney said, "what's that smell?" I told her it was the heat and she said, "is it gonna stink like that all night?"
This morning when I dressed her for school you could see our breath outside. So I had to layer her up. We don't own winter coats! She is funny about it. She said things like, I don't wear coats, I am a south florida girl. Blake didn't mind the cold either. He screamed when I made him come back in - he generally loves the outdoors anyways - hot or cold.

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