Monday, December 15, 2008

Who says we can't have snow in Homestead?

Last week I screamed to my heart's content on the phone with my dad. Why? They had 6 inches of snow in Robert, LA. My mom and I LOVE snow and cold weather. Sadly, we have to endure winter after winter only seeing it on tv. The Christmas after Kourtney turned one I prayed for snow and really hoped in my heart to see a flurry in Louisiana while we were there. On Christmas morning while we were opening presents it actually snowed. Not enough to stick, but I got my flurries as a wonderful Christmas present and a great memory.This year my mom prayed for snow and she said she should have been more specific. It snowed, but had it waited a couple more weeks my kids could have played in it! My mom played in it for 3 hours. Their power was out, the town was a buzz and they had a blast.
So today I came across this packet of fake snow my friend Jessica gave me a couple years ago. We tried it last year and Kourtney was grossed out by the texture. This year, they played with it for over an hour. I must say, it was much easier sitting at a table playing with snow in night gowns than dealing with layers of clothes, wet boots, runny noses, and potty breaks with snow suits on. This might become a Johnson south florida tradition. Who says you can't have snow in Homestead?


Paige said...

Wow...who knew they made such a thing? While I would love to live someplace warmer at times, I sure would miss the snow too. That's great that your parents got some snow...I love that your Mom played it in for 3 hours...that's wonderful! :)

The Blackmons said...

Awh, your snow makes me sad! :o) How funny though and hey, when you're desperate, you'll take what you can get, right? Ha! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe that it really snowed here, and it took from Thursday until Sunday to thaw completely. We made weather history! An 87-year old member of our church said in all of her years living here, she NEVER saw snow like that! It truly was a miracle!! I thanked God several times while I was outside enjoying its beauty! -Grammy (Mom)