Monday, December 08, 2008

Sunday CHICK-kabob - on Monday!

Not sure I am gonna be able to do Sunday wrap ups on Sunday anymore. As it is, the kids are all eating dinner while I am posting a quick wrap up. All these pics are from the Keys Sunday night service because I was having trouble with my camera Sunday morning.
We started our "Change to change your world" campaign this Sunday. It was really neat seeing people bring in piggy banks and bag fulls of coins and dumping them in! It is all going towards our Anthems for a Broken World project.

My Sundays are slam packed, but lots of fun. We are going to a holiday schedule next Sunday where we will be down to two services at the Homestead campus until January 7th. The service times are 9:00 and 10:30.

This was officially my last Sunday as two-yr old director. I started working part time in the office Mon-Thurs. I am taking over responsibilities that Paul Hollifield had. with life groups, membership, baptisms, connection cards, etc. The kids are with Emily Nelson while I am at work. I like my new role and am very excited about the future!

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