Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

This year my parents had Thanksgiving at Kevin and Brittany's house because Kevin and Brittany are going on a Christmas cruise with her parents so we won't see them (BOOO HOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We still had an awesome Thanksgiving and we had so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my hot husband, healthy children, wonderful family and friends, an awesome church, plenty of food, and God's great blessings in my life.

We hung out at JT and Anne's house all day with Phil, Marcela, and Max also all there. We ate, played games, took a walk, and kept up with the three chillins. Tammy stopped by for a visit too.
Watching football with dad
Kourtney setting the table
By the time we ate the girls were so tired they were asking if they could go take a nap! :( They ate later though.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we really missed being with our grandchildren (Kelly, Travis, Anne, J.T., Phil and Marcella too) on Thanksgiving Day. Our first miss since 2003. It was fun to be with Kevin and Brittany though. Brittany's parents and two brothers came to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. The highlight of the day was our pyromaniac son's bonfire! It was fun to watch the those competitive ones play Wii bowling and golf too. Looking forward to our grandkids at Christmas! Grammy

Anonymous said...

LOVED the picture of Travis and Blake watching football! Grammy