Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yikes, IKE

He is already a cat 4 and still 5 days out. I dug up some really old pictures from 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit us. We always joke about how we lived across the street from the Molinas and we made spaghetti and coffee on the grill and used cell phones for flashlights (hey, they really do serve as good ones). Yes, we all look terribly ratty. That's how it rolls when you don't have power. Please forgive me Lisette! Kourtney had just turned 2 and I think McKenna was like 3 months old.
Pounding the table for dinnerSideways... our dog Torri. Probably the last picture taken of her before she was hit by a car that week :( Oh no, I just got wet eyes.Lord bless this foodJulia and SaraMaster chefs


Anonymous said...

Since we have gas stove and water heater conected to our generator, everyone came here for showers, heating up food and in one case to connect a computer. I think I took more cold showers than ever before everyone else took hot.

Great pics.


Johnson said...

So can I come over for a hot shower if I need to? :)


Anonymous said...

That goes without asking...