Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday CHICK-kabob

- This was our last week of 2 services. Starting next week we go to three! In preparation for that, I watched my clock closely all morning (which is really nothing new) so I could time next week to perfection! I will need to be at church with all three kids fed, dressed, hair done, shoes on the right feet, diaper bag packed, and in our right minds by 7:50 AM! I CAN DO IT!!!!! Maybe not in my right mind, but everything else.
- Things ran smoothly this morning with Jennifer and Shelli teaching in the first service.
Set up was great. I found this picture of Gio (the set up guy)... too cool for school...
I was able to attend the 9:30 service and see my hott hubby speak.
The 3-K4 class following the dotted road
Elijah with a gun... scarrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!!
Tear down was good too. This is Tyler. He lives across the street from me. He is hopefully going to turn into my tear down guy from now on. The glasses say it all.


Sarah Stephens said...

Where did you guys get the dots? IKEA?

Johnson said...

You guessed it! $5 per rug. We make a trail starting by the lobby and leading to each classroom. Then into the classrooms the "aquarium" (infants) has fish rugs and sea life stuffed animals everywhere, the "jungle" (2- yrs) has animal rugs and ivy with animals all through it, and the "party" (5-12 yrs) has the dots and balloons every where.

IKEA rocks.

V-n-J said...

Ikea does rock! and gosh your sundays are crazy busy but looks like lots of fun too:)